DIY – Refurbishing Old Windows

Recently my aunt and uncle bought a fixer upper and replaced all of the windows in the house.  I saw all of these old windows’ amazing DIY potential. I have finally mastered  my distressed paint technique and I am ready to share with you in this step by step tutorial.

STEP 1: Clean the dirt and chipping paint (if there is any) off of the window! (This is not the actual window I will be using, just a similar one to show you)


STEP 2: Now you need to tape off the edges to protect the glass. I use this really cheap tape you can get for a dollar at Walmart.


STEP 3: Now you paint the base coat. This is the color that you want to show through the chipped paint. I am using a white Valspar paint.



FullSizeRender (1)

STEP 4: Once the paint is dry you rub over the trim with a bar of soap. Make sure it its on the edges heavily. I lightly coat all of it.




STEP 5: Now you apply a think coat of acrylic paint. The quality of the paint doesn’t really matter.


FullSizeRender (2)

STEP 6: After the acrylic paint is dry you sand the areas where you put the soap giving it a distressed look.


FINAL PRODUCT: Okay so this window didn’t turn out as expected due to the fact that this was actually a window I did awhile back but didn’t like it so I was redoing it. Because there was so much  paint underneath the coat of Valspar white paint, when I sanded it, it came off exposing the wood. I actually like how it turned out but I will post a photo of how it was supposed to come out, it will just be a different color!

FullSizeRender (3)IMG_0170


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