How to fill your brows step by step using the Elf Eyebrow Kit!

This is my step by step photo description of what I do to fill in by brows. I use the Elf Eyebrow Kit you can purchase at Wal-Mart or Target. I get  the Medium color and it is really dark compared to my actually brow hair color but I use a darker color because my hair is so dark.

When picking out a color I suggest that if your hair is lighter go one shade darker for your eyebrows. If your hair is darker I suggest going a shade lighter than your hair for your eyebrows!


This is the brow kit and color that I use and I find that it works really well for me!


This is my brow in its natural state. As you can see it’s really light in color and kind of patchy.


Step 1: The first step is drawing the base line of the brow.


Step 2: You then draw the top line of the brow making the shape. This is where you decide if you want more of a curved or angled brow. I prefer a small curve instead of a hard angle.


Step 3: You then begin to fill in between the two lines. (Don’t worry if it’s a little clumpy the fourth and final step will fix that)


Step 4: You finish filling in the entire brow then you take an eyebrow comb (I used a washed off mascara brush) and comb through the brow softening the hard lines. You then use the powder on the right side of the kit and brush that on making the brow look more natural and less gel like.



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