Gift Ideas for Everyone!

If you’re like me you struggle with picking out gifts for your family and friends. I struggle with finding a good gift without breaking the bank. I’m making the ultimate gift guide for Christmas or pretty much any reason to give someone a gift. Most of these give you freedom to put your own personal twist on them so be creative and JUST ENJOY!

I feel like someone in everyone’s family is an avid ice cream lover, in my family it’s my Grandpa Dennis, This DIY Ice-cream Sundae in a Box is a great gift for food-lovers and pretty much anyone who likes ice-cream….So Everyone


This would be a perfect gift for all of your friends or sisters! A Starbucks cup full of goodies like nail polish, lip balm, maybe some eye shadow, lotions, gift cards, etc. will make any girl happy!


A good gift specifically for men is a new wallet! Most men wait until theirs is literally falling apart. Getting them a wallet as a gift gives them a good reason to toss the beaten down one and use a nicer one!


(This link’s wallet is a custom wallet and it is a bit on the pricey side for someone that has to buy multiple gifts but it wouldn’t be hard finding a cheaper alternative on your own)

If you have any artistic ability I would suggest painting ceramics and making custom gifts! I’ve found that a GOOD hand painted gift is really appreciated by family and friends. This is personally going to be my go-to this year for gifts. I plan on watching when Hobby Lobby’s ceramics go on sale then stocking up on cute things like mugs and piggy banks!

12193623_10208136510677658_1523990771863578242_n 2dede844f7bb932f3c2dd4b65cb6cecc

(The piggy bank in this picture I actually painted last week in my dorm)

Another cute DIY gift is making goodies and putting them in cute mason jars! Giving each person two or three jars of a home-made good is a great gift for anyone!


(This is a super cute website that gives ideas how to decorate the mason jars in a fun and festive way)

Another gift for men is a nice toiletry bag! This would be good for men who travel a lot or don’t necessarily have a designated area for their shaving gear!


(This is a custom bag and you can also find a cheaper alternative or you can buy a similar bag in a similar fabric and have someone embroider their initials on it making it cheaper but sill custom!)

Here are a couple ideas that are pretty versatile! I will defiantly be adding to this page as we get closer to Christmas so be sure to subscribe and JUST ENJOY!


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