Pinterest 7 Day Cleanse

So sometime last week I decided to partake in a 7 Day Cleanse I found on Pinterest. I wanted to do this to lose a quick 10 pounds for my family pictures that are coming up in the next couple weeks. Here’s the link to the Cleanse:

I thought this was going to be easy enough, I mean all I have to do is eat fruits and veggies… So Sunday I made the Special Cabbage Soup (the recipe is in the link).The recipe was really simple just a bunch of onions, peppers, and cabbage what could go wrong? (It is now Wednesday of the same week and my hands still smell like onion no matter how many times I wash them) I put the soup in tupperware containers and put it in my dorm refrigerator for lunch. I warmed it up on Monday and literally had to choke down two bites before I gave up. Then I decided I would just eat this can of corn I had nbd… until I took 5 bites and realized I don’t like corn with out butter, salt, and pepper…. So I did what I had to do to survive (I was blowing away in the wind at his point)… I made some Ramen and that was the end of my 5 hour 7 Day Cleanse.

Moral of the Story- NO ONE CAN ONLY EAT VEGGIES ITS NOT RIGHT and also I should have known that I can’t just go from eating junk food to all fruits and veggies in one day.

The picture below is the Cabbage Soup AKA Vomittttt

cabbage soup aka vomit



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