Makeover Time!

One of my favorite things to do is give my friends or sisters makeovers! I think they are all beautiful but I love helping them feel more beautiful and special by doing their hair or make-up!


I recently gave my sister Alyssa a makeover that included dying her hair and doing her make-up!

I started by dying her hair a nice deep mocha brown to enhance her natural color and make it more vibrant!

The next day I did her make-up using my every day fall look tutorial.

The final product was beautiful and she looked lovely at out family Thanksgiving dinner!



Essie Nail Polish Review!

So today I’m going to talk about the nail polish brand Essie! It is one of the more expensive brands of nail polish but it is worth it for its amazing quality. I put three thin layers of the polish color I Pink I Can. I didn’t use a top coat or anything and it lasted for about 6 days before it chipped for the first time. I took each of these pictures below at night right before I went to bed so you can see each days damage.

Day 1

day 1 nail

Day 2

nail day 2

Day 3

nail day 3

Day 4

nail day 4

Day 5

nail day 5

Day 6

nail day 6

As you can see the polish lasted for 6 days! I’m so impressed with this nail polish brand and I would say it is defiantly worth the $8.


Sisters for Soldiers – AOII

So last Thursday I participated in my sorority Alpha Omicron Pi’s annual philanthropy event Sisters for Soldiers. For weeks prior we collected donations, put up and handed out fliers around the community and campus. We collected things like beef jerky, drink packets, chap stick, sun flower seeds, and cross word books.

At the event we compiled all of these things in a box and everyone put a personal letter in each of the boxes. Then we addressed them and prepared them for shipping to soldiers over seas! It was so nice writing the letters and personally thanking them. I loved seeing everyone from the community and the campus come and show their support!


This is my AMAZING big Brianna! She is so awesome and I am so grateful that she is in my life! (This is us at the event)



The pictures above are of my sisters Sydney, Mary, and I running a station!

This is a picture of me writing my letter to put in a box and the right picture is another letter.

This is my sister Sammy and she is one of the funniest people I know and she doesn’t even have to try!

group pic

The night of the event was so fun! It was amazing doing something good with my time with a group of people that I love. AOII 4 Lyfe


Berry Smokey Eye Make-Up Tutorial Using Drug Store Products!

In this video I showed you how to do a berry (purples and berry like colors) smokey eye tutorial.

The products I used are:

Covergirl Concealer Pen

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Foundation

NYX Wonder Stick

Maybelline New York Colossal Volum’ Mascara

Maybelline New York Define-A-Line in Ebony Black

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Blush & Bronzer

Elf Eyebrow Kit in Light Medium

Elf Shimmering Facial Whip

Hard Candy Purple $5 Christmas gift box eye shadow pallet


My Favorite Social Media Accounts!

Here is a list of links to some of my all time favorite social media accounts!





How to fill your brows step by step using the Elf Eyebrow Kit!

This is my step by step photo description of what I do to fill in by brows. I use the Elf Eyebrow Kit you can purchase at Wal-Mart or Target. I get  the Medium color and it is really dark compared to my actually brow hair color but I use a darker color because my hair is so dark.

When picking out a color I suggest that if your hair is lighter go one shade darker for your eyebrows. If your hair is darker I suggest going a shade lighter than your hair for your eyebrows!


This is the brow kit and color that I use and I find that it works really well for me!


This is my brow in its natural state. As you can see it’s really light in color and kind of patchy.


Step 1: The first step is drawing the base line of the brow.


Step 2: You then draw the top line of the brow making the shape. This is where you decide if you want more of a curved or angled brow. I prefer a small curve instead of a hard angle.


Step 3: You then begin to fill in between the two lines. (Don’t worry if it’s a little clumpy the fourth and final step will fix that)


Step 4: You finish filling in the entire brow then you take an eyebrow comb (I used a washed off mascara brush) and comb through the brow softening the hard lines. You then use the powder on the right side of the kit and brush that on making the brow look more natural and less gel like.


Gift Ideas for Everyone!

If you’re like me you struggle with picking out gifts for your family and friends. I struggle with finding a good gift without breaking the bank. I’m making the ultimate gift guide for Christmas or pretty much any reason to give someone a gift. Most of these give you freedom to put your own personal twist on them so be creative and JUST ENJOY!

I feel like someone in everyone’s family is an avid ice cream lover, in my family it’s my Grandpa Dennis, This DIY Ice-cream Sundae in a Box is a great gift for food-lovers and pretty much anyone who likes ice-cream….So Everyone


This would be a perfect gift for all of your friends or sisters! A Starbucks cup full of goodies like nail polish, lip balm, maybe some eye shadow, lotions, gift cards, etc. will make any girl happy!


A good gift specifically for men is a new wallet! Most men wait until theirs is literally falling apart. Getting them a wallet as a gift gives them a good reason to toss the beaten down one and use a nicer one!


(This link’s wallet is a custom wallet and it is a bit on the pricey side for someone that has to buy multiple gifts but it wouldn’t be hard finding a cheaper alternative on your own)

If you have any artistic ability I would suggest painting ceramics and making custom gifts! I’ve found that a GOOD hand painted gift is really appreciated by family and friends. This is personally going to be my go-to this year for gifts. I plan on watching when Hobby Lobby’s ceramics go on sale then stocking up on cute things like mugs and piggy banks!

12193623_10208136510677658_1523990771863578242_n 2dede844f7bb932f3c2dd4b65cb6cecc

(The piggy bank in this picture I actually painted last week in my dorm)

Another cute DIY gift is making goodies and putting them in cute mason jars! Giving each person two or three jars of a home-made good is a great gift for anyone!


(This is a super cute website that gives ideas how to decorate the mason jars in a fun and festive way)

Another gift for men is a nice toiletry bag! This would be good for men who travel a lot or don’t necessarily have a designated area for their shaving gear!


(This is a custom bag and you can also find a cheaper alternative or you can buy a similar bag in a similar fabric and have someone embroider their initials on it making it cheaper but sill custom!)

Here are a couple ideas that are pretty versatile! I will defiantly be adding to this page as we get closer to Christmas so be sure to subscribe and JUST ENJOY!

Thanksgiving is Approaching!

SO Thanksgiving is coming up and I got to thinking… I am no longer able to latch on to my mother’s Thanksgiving contribution to the family dinner and I am to poor to do anything super fancy or crazy and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there thinking the same thing and if you weren’t you are now after reading this.

So here are some recipes I have compiled that are easy, fairly reasonable in price, and you should be able to make them with few culinary skills.

apple bites

I thought this was a super cute and easy take on the classic apple pie! Of course there will probably be an actual apple pie at your thanksgiving dinner (assuming you’re are real American) but these might work as a decoy to distract people from taking the actual apple pie giving you ample time to get in there and enjoy some  of grandmas real pie. (just a thought)


This creamed corn recipe only has 5 ingredients! You can beat that. It is also super easy all you do is throw it all in a crock pot and wait for the magic to happen!


Bringing this bag of deliciousness is a great idea because it guarantees that they will be present for Thanksgiving dinner.


Another thing that not many people think about is breakfast! You could be everyone’s fav person between 8-10 am by simply bringing donuts or making these super cute and easy doughnut holes!